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Fix Your Gadget 1.0

Hurray! It has been one year since we started the trial run.

Now, our first anniversary is coinciding with our plans for next step.

This past one year has been a great experience. We are so happy to have been doing business and growing with you.

We enjoyed fixing the variety of gadgets that came our way. We received everything from an old fashioned radio to segways, which surprised us to be honest.

We did not expect such a high number of service calls or the wide variety of different gadgets in our trial run. We were lucky to meet so many of our customers from different parts of Coimbatore and from different segments of the city’s community. We even received service calls from Tiruppur, Pollachi, Avinashi, Erode, Karur etc.

It was a great learning experience for us. We learnt a lot from you – about the various needs that you have, or the sentiments you hold for your gadgets etc. We encountered unexpected problems in your gadgets that needed fixing.

You had given so much of feedback that we implemented some of those suggestions.

When we say we are happy that we are growing with you, we truly mean it. We are a startup of young professionals that enjoy electronics and repairing gadgets. You didn’t just give us your business; you also helped us become a full company.

So thanks a lot for your support in the last one year. We ask you to continue supporting us, as Fix Your Gadget becomes Fix Your Gadget 1.0

Watch this space for updates regarding our next step in a few days.

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